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Storage Solutions for Your Bedroom

Storage Solutions for Your Bedroom | Retail Discount Store

Looking for a storage solution for the messy bedroom? Look no further. Here are several kinds of great smart designed bedroom furniture that can provide ample space for your bedroom storage.

Upholstered in a soft fabric or PU faux leather, the storage ottoman is simply luxurious to rest on with its tufted seat that adds a plush touch to any home. But more than that, it also provides neat storage space for your home essentials. Blankets, throws, pillows, magazines, and even toys can be stowed away in a discreet, easy-to-access manner.

When using the gas lift bed frame, you will see a bed is more than a bed. On the outside, the bed frame looks like just any other quality bed frame. But with one easy gas lift of the bed base, the bed frame becomes an instant storage area with acres of space for your bedding essentials. Simply store your extra pillows, bed sheets, cushions and more in the storage compartment and hide them away for the season.

Tallboy dresser not only comes with plenty of easy to open and close drawers but also with compact design means it won’t take over your living space. Great for all those t-shirts, socks and shorts in the bedroom or put it in the hallway and turn it into a linen press for all your freshly laundered sheets and pillowcases!

The wardrobes have ample storage space with a large double-door compartment and one single-door full-length compartment for all your tall clothing such as coats and dresses. Some models have two spacious drawers on the bottom for other smaller pieces of clothing and fashion accessories.

DIY Cubes Storage cabinets may just be the instant storage solution you need for your home. Made from metal wire, 80gsm non-woven fabric upholstery or high-density particle board in a reinforced cube design, these cube storage cabinets can hold a multitude of household and personal essentials.

Whether you’re looking for a place to store an entire home’s worth of linen or a mountain of shoes, we always have the solution for you. Browse the Retail Discount Store range today and let us show you the easy way to style your space.

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