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Bring out the creative melody in you

Bring out the creative melody in you - Retail Discount Store

Love music? Love to play and sing your favorite songs? Well, let our instruments collection realize your musical aspirations.

Sitting on a couch at home playing guitar and singing with your mates or sitting around the campfire and singing in harmony is definitely enjoyable and fun. Crafted from the finest materials, the guitar is made of laminated linden for its top, back, and side. With the Hard Wood neck and Maple Wood Fingerboard, the cutaway delivers beautiful sound and chic look at one time. The delicate process of manufacture including bracing and finishing techniques, thickness, and wood tuning guarantee this guitar a real pleasure to play.

With its 61 or 88 touch-sensitive keys, the portable piano keyboard enables you to discover a whole new world of music with exceptional built-in advanced features such as 140 to 255 timbres, 6 to 255 rhythms, 16 to 50 demo songs, various effect controls and many more. Not least, with various inputs for microphone and headphones, the Portable Keyboard also allows you to play and sing for all to hear or for silent practice.

Besides the above-mentioned guitar and keyboards, now you can practice drums kit at home with our 8-piece Electric Drum Kit, without being that annoying, noisy neighbors. The kit comes with everything you would expect in a real drum kit: one snare, three toms, three cymbals, one bass drum, a hi-hat control pedal, and a kick trigger pedal, which is specifically designed to capture the subtle nuances of your playing.

Come and pick the perfect instruments and enjoy the wonderful music at Retail Discount Store today.

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